Himalayan Black Salt

Himalayan Black Salt, also known as kala namak, is a pungently scented rock salt mined in the Himalayan region. It is popular in Indian cooking and is the preferred choice of health conscious consumers. Other names for Himalayan black are bit loona, bire noon, and Sulemani namak. Learn more about Himalayan black salt. Keeping in… Continue reading Himalayan Black Salt

French Sea Salt Fleur De Sel

French Sea Salt Fleur De Sel French sea salt is the epitome of gourmet taste. The smooth, nutty flavor and light crunchy texture of this sea salt are a draw to its makers. The best-known variety of fleur de sel is the one found in Guerande, Brittany. Although this particular variety is difficult to find,… Continue reading French Sea Salt Fleur De Sel

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