Things to Do in Whitney, Texas

If you’re looking for a side trip from Dallas, Texas, or Fort Worth, try visiting the growing city of Whitney. Though small in size, Whitney boasts several interesting attractions and activities. Visitors can enjoy shopping, dining, and sightseeing, and take advantage of its proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth.

Lake Whitney

Whitney is located in Hill County, Texas. This city is home to a number of interesting attractions, from the Whitney Historical Society Museum to the Hill County Zoo. Its charming downtown offers a wide range of dining options. It also features a variety of local art galleries and museums. In addition, Whitney is home to several unique events throughout the year, such as the Whitney Farmers Market and the Whitney Arts Festival.

You’ll also find several historical sites in the town, including the Lake Whitney Museum, located in an old post office building. The museum has several exhibits, including the Whitney Jail House Door. The museum is open second and fourth Saturdays from April through October. You can enjoy local art and culture by visiting museums, art galleries, and craft shops in the town.

For water activities, there are a number of marinas located near Lake Whitney. Many of these offer boat rentals and dock space for boat owners. There are also parks that provide picnic grounds. Children can also enjoy fossil hunting. However, you must remember to not take anything home from the shoreline, since the Army Corps of Engineers owns the shoreline up to a height of 741 feet.

Lake Whitney is one of the most popular recreational lakes in Texas. It is a beautiful setting that features limestone bluffs, miles of shoreline, and a plethora of wildlife. It is also home to many museums, historic buildings, and fun outdoor venues. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, the town of Whitney has something for everyone.

White Bluff Resort

Upscale resort located on a lake, White Bluff Resort is a great place to spend a vacation. It offers 2 golf courses, 5 pools, a marina, a spa, and 2 dining options. The resort is surrounded by pristine natural beauty. Its beautiful landscaping and views of the lake make it a popular destination among families and couples.

The resort offers luxury rooms, condos, and rustic log cabins. Located on the shores of Lake Whitney, the property features two lakes that are catch-and-release. The resort also has a chapel and a variety of picnic pavilions. The resort is also the center of many charitable and social organizations. The resort is currently refurbishing its marina and plans to hold more golf tournaments.

The white Bluff resort has a website, called WhiteBluffNow. Prior to that, there was no website for the resort. In addition to the White Bluff Now site, the resort maintains a Facebook page and Nextdoor website. These websites are great places to keep in touch with local events, news, and other updates. There is also a directory of local businesses.

The White Bluff Resort is a beautiful lake home community located on Lake Whitney. Its location makes it a great getaway location for weekend getaways. The Chisholm Trail Parkway can get you there in under an hour. Lake Homes Realty at Lake Whitney is across the road from the White Bluff gate.

The rooms are clean and comfortable. The resort offers several dining options, including a lakefront restaurant. There are also a few pools. The resort is conveniently located near Dallas and San Antonio.


If you are looking for a unique gift or unique home decor item, consider shopping at the King Memorial Methodist Church Thrift Store. These stores have a wide variety of items that you cannot find at a regular department store. You can save a lot of money shopping at a thrift store. Many of these stores also sell furniture.


If you’re looking for a new dining spot in Whitney, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. There are several restaurants to choose from. From a simple burger to a gourmet meal, there’s something for everyone. You’ll also find plenty of artisan gifts and foods in Whitney. Many stores offer artisan food items that you won’t find in your typical grocery store. Some stores even offer cooking classes and taste tests.


If you are looking for great fishing opportunities in Texas, you may want to try Lake Whitney. This lake is home to many species of fish. Whether you are looking to catch Hybrid or Stripers, Whitney is a great location to try fishing. The lake is located just 90 minutes south of the DFW metroplex.

Lake Whitney is a large flood control reservoir that contains nearly 23,500 acres of water and 225 miles of shoreline. The lake is home to trophy blue catfish and striped bass. The water is deep and clean and ideal for casting crankbaits, worms, and spinnerbaits.

The lake is home to three species of bass: largemouth, smallmouth, and hybrid striped bass. The water also is home to several types of catfish, including bluegill, longnose gar, and channel catfish. While it’s difficult to find trophy blues, anglers can try baitfishing for trophy blues.

The lake is open year-round. The best time to fish is during the spring when the white bass migrate up the Brazos and Nolan rivers for spawning. The best catches are often made below gravel bars and along sandy shorelines. The best bait for this fishery is a live minnow. Other bait options include coontail and bushy pondweed. The smallmouth bass fishing season has improved in recent years.

Lake Whitney is a popular lake in Texas with a variety of fish species. It has been ranked by American Angler Magazine as the 53rd best lake in the world.