Places to See and Things to Do in Arden, Alabama

There are a variety of places to see and things to do in Arden. There is the historic Fort Gaines, the Village Point Park Preserve, and the Southeastern Raptor Center. Whether you are looking to see a show or take in an outdoor concert, you’ll find plenty to do in this small city.

Village Point Park Preserve

Visitors to the Arden area will find many outdoor activities to enjoy. The Jackson’s Oak Preserve, for example, is a beautiful preserve that features natural beauty and beach access. This preserve also features nature trails and a picnic area. Whether you are interested in birding, nature, or wildlife, this preserve has something for everyone.

The preserve is also home to the largest live oak in Alabama. The tree measures 95 feet tall with a 28-foot circumference. During the eighteenth century, this oak was an important landmark and was even marked on a map of the town. This is why the preservation of the tree is one of the top priorities of the city of Daphne. In order to protect this magnificent tree, a special observation platform was built around it. This prevents pedestrian traffic from damaging the tree’s roots.