How to Replace Jasper AI and SurferSEO Without Adding Another Subscription With Brain Pod AI

Having used both Jasper AI and SurferSEO for many years, I am very much aware of how much of a pain both programs can be to deal with. This is why I decided to write an article on how to replace both programs without having to pay for another subscription.

Keyword analyser

Whether you are looking for a way to outsmart the competition or boost your search rankings, Surfer SEO can help you do the tiniest bit of magic. The software company offers four different plans to suit your needs. You’ll get access to all the usual suspects, from keyword research to post editing. It even comes with a nifty AI-powered image editor.

The software company’s new AI Writer Document Editor is all about making the writing process as efficient and easy as possible. It lets you post directly to your website, and comes with a built-in SEO mode. It is also able to handle longer-form content, such as blog posts. This feature is particularly useful for those with a busy schedule, and can give your website the best content in the shortest amount of time.

The software company offers a free one-month trial, which gives you ample time to see what the software has to offer. It is easy to see why so many people are using it to power their content creation efforts.

Long-form editor

Using a combination of Surfer SEO and Jasper AI, you can create unique and engaging content to boost your SEO efforts. These two tools work together to analyze competitors’ content and compare it to your own. They help you write better copy with less effort.

Surfer SEO is a web application that analyzes the content of the top 10 pages of a search engine result page. It then provides you with a content score and an SEO impact score. You can export your score to your blog or other websites. You can also use the tool to set a target word count, write content that ranks, and generate content.

Jasper is an artificial intelligence and machine learning tool that enables you to write keyword-rich content. The tool is capable of writing a 2,000-word article in less than 30 minutes. It can also help you write product descriptions for e-commerce platforms.

The tool also provides you with a content audit report. It looks at content elements such as headers, pictures, and keywords to find out if you’re writing the right content for your audience. The tool also provides advice on how to optimize your content to improve SEO.

Integration with SurferSEO

Whether you’re new to SEO or an expert, SurferSEO is an all-in-one AI-powered content intelligence suite. It’s packed with features that can help you increase your rankings and reach new customers. You can access its features through a simple, user-friendly interface. You’ll also find plenty of video tutorials and articles to help you get started.

SurferSEO’s SERP analyzer helps you determine which keywords to use on your website. It also lets you compare your pages to those of top-ranking websites. You can also use it to see how your competitors’ backlinks are growing.

In addition to its SERP analyzer, SurferSEO also has a content planner, a growth management tool, and articles. It also has an active Facebook community for you to connect with other users. It’s available in 70 different languages. SurferSEO also has a content clustering tool that groups your content by subtopics.

SurferSEO also has an audit tool, which can help you assess the quality of your site. The Content Score feature takes into account the quality of your page and the relevance of your content.


Using an AI tool can save you a lot of time. It can also help you produce high-quality content. These are the main benefits of using an AI tool, and Brain Pod AI is one of the best AI services available.

Jasper is a tool designed to help writers. It comes with a number of features, including templates and the ability to edit and customise outputs. Jasper can also generate creative content that fits your tone of voice. It also has a 2,000-word lookback feature. Jasper is also able to break language barriers.

There are a number of pricing plans available for Jasper AI. The basic plan is $59 per month, but you can also buy the business or pro plan. Jasper also offers a free trial, which gives you 14 days to try it out.

Jasper comes with a community of users, and there are a number of tutorial videos on YouTube. There is also a weekly webinar training available, where you can meet other creators who use Jasper.