Best Places to Eat and See in Olive Branch, Mississippi

Corky’s BBQ in Olive Branch serves hickory-smoked ribs and other comfort foods, and it offers an A la carte breakfast menu with grits, cereal, and other items. The food is also available for takeout and delivery.

Olive Branch Catfish Co.

Olive Branch Catfish Company is a restaurant in Olive Branch, MS that specializes in catfish. The place is about 30 minutes from Memphis and has a traditional feel. The service is friendly and the food is tasty. The restaurant’s name may not sound like the first thing you think of when you hear the name, but it’s easy to recognize.

Side Street Burgers

If you’re looking for a low-key burger counter, then you’ve come to the right place. This no-frills burger counter offers a variety of options including po’ boys, tacos, and salads. It also offers outdoor seating.

Chef Mah started out cooking burgers at his father’s Evans Cafe in Olive Branch. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Mah went on to work in several corporate restaurants. When his father found a vacant space, Mah decided to open his own restaurant. Since then, he’s earned several awards for the quality of his burgers.

SideStreet Burgers offers a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. Its burgers are tasty and the prices are very reasonable. Its location is convenient and the surrounding area is quiet. SideStreet Burgers also offers to-go options. Parking is available nearby.