5 Great Ways to Organize Your Closet

If you’re overwhelmed by the accumulated clothes and shoes in your closet, there are several simple ways to organize your closet. Try de-cluttering, organizing by color, and adding shelves. Once you’ve tackled these steps, your closet will be the most organized place in your house!


Organizing your closet by color is a great way to cut down on the time you need to spend looking for a particular item. It also helps you understand what colors you have the most of. Using the same type of hangers for everything will also make the closet appear more organized.

The hardest part of organizing your closet is deciding what to throw out. Donate or sell anything that doesn’t belong in your closet. You can use those items for cleaning rags. Sort out the clothes you plan to keep. Set aside the ones you plan to donate or store in a separate area. If you want to keep some items for future use, put them into a donation pile.

You can also organize your closet by season. Choose a time of the year to start your closet resetting process. Once you’ve decided which season you’d like to organize, spend a few minutes thinking about your clothes. After all, it’s worth spending about 30 minutes to reorganize your closet.

The front and middle of your closets should be reserved for the clothes you wear the most. The back and upper shelves should be for less-worn items. You should also reserve the top shelves of the closet for out-of-season clothes and super-fancy shoes.

Sort by color

When organizing a closet, one of the best ways to keep things organized is to sort by color. First, declutter the closet and label each section with the colors of your clothing. Then, begin sorting clothes by color. White, red, yellow, green, blue, and violet are the basic colors that you can use to group your clothes. If you have a lot of clothes, consider sorting by type as well.

A closet organized by color can also be a great way to bring some creativity into your life. By sorting by color, you can easily remember which colors go with which other items. You can also use color coding to organize your to-do lists and make your home look more beautiful. Color coding your closet will make it much easier to find the items you need when you need them.

If you tend to rotate your clothes based on season, then this can be a tricky task. One solution is to separate winter and summer clothes into separate bins. For example, you could use a blue bin for winter clothes and a white bin for summer clothes. This way, you’ll know what to keep where and what to throw away.

If you don’t like color coding, you can also use tonal color coding. This method allows you to group your items according to the dominant color of the pattern. This method is less common, but can help you keep your closet neater. However, you won’t have as much control over the outfits as you do with color coding.

Organize by style

If you have a lot of clothes in your closet, you should first decide what to keep and what to donate. This is the hardest part, but also the most important. To organize your closet efficiently, you should get rid of as many items as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to throw out your favorite items; instead, ask yourself whether you will wear them again.

When organizing your closet, it is important to keep in mind the style of the clothes in your closet. Think about the type of clothes you own and the season they go with. Divide your clothes into separate piles and use shelf dividers to separate your items. You can also use storage baskets to keep your unused or unneeded items out of sight. These inexpensive but stylish containers will keep your closet organized and look stylish.

Another way to organize your closet is by color. This can make it easier to find specific items that you own. Color-coding your closet will also make it easier to pick the right outfit. You can even put different outfits together on a mannequin outside your closet.

Next, organize your shoes by style. If you are a visual person, this is the best way to organize your closet. This method saves valuable space. Hanging shoes on the closet doors instead of on the floor can make your closet more accessible and less cluttered.

Add shelves

Adding shelves to your closet can help you make the most of vertical space. Most people do not use all of their vertical space in the closet. You can add extra shelves where you need extra space for folded clothing or tall boots. The additional space also makes your closet look cleaner. In addition to adding shelves, you can also use small sidewalls to store shoes and other accessories.

Another way to organize your closet is to use bins and shelves to hold items that you do not use very often. You can also add shelf lighting to highlight your favorite items in your closet. This will trick you into thinking that your closet is more organized than it really is. Another way to make your closet look more organized is to place baskets on the shelves to hide items you do not want on display.

Before installing your shelves, measure the area where they will be placed. If you want to install them vertically, you should use a 1”x3” piece of wood. This piece of wood should butt up to a finger joint board. Be sure that the board is level and will fit on your wall. Once you’ve done that, screw the L brackets into the supports with small screws.

To add more shelf space, consider adding a hat rack or dresser. These items can help you maximize the storage space in your closet or entryway. They are easy to install and come in sets of eight. They are also versatile and can be moved from one place to another without damaging your existing shelving.

Use t-shirts as dividers

If you have a closet that is cluttered, you may want to use t-shirts as dividers. These will help you organize your clothing by size, color, and season. They can also be used to keep hangers grouped together. This will make it easy to put away clean laundry.

Using t-shirts as dividers will save you space and make your drawer look much nicer. Not only will you be able to organize your closet more efficiently, you’ll also have an extra shelf to keep your accessories neat. This simple trick will make your closet look neat and organized in no time.

Folded shirts are a great option. Not only do they take up less space than un-folded ones, but they are also easier to find. Folded shirts can also be placed inside of plastic containers with lids. This will prevent dust and bugs from getting into the shirts.

To maximize your vertical space, consider using padded hangers. They will help protect delicate fabrics from being damaged while in storage. They are similar to velvet-covered hangers and are a great solution for fabrics that tend to slide off plastic hangers. Another useful accessory is a purse and clutch holder. It has slots for three small items and comes in white or light pink plastic.

You can also use a full-length mirror to determine the best location for your clothes. This will help you to determine which items you wear frequently and which ones you don’t. You’ll also be able to determine which hangers are the best for your needs.